As part of your application pack you will be required to complete a tenancy agreement. It is very important that you read this thoroughly and understand all the terms and obligations as once you have signed this, you are legally bound to the contract.

There are certain sections of the tenancy agreement that you will be required to input yourself. These are:

  • Your name and home address – this is where ever you permanently reside out of term time.
  • Your guarantors name and address. Your guarantor needs to be someone with a UK address. They are also liable for your rent if you fail to make payments in line with the terms of your agreement – it is important your guarantor is aware of this and is in a position to make payment if necessary.
  • If you have paid a deposit for your room, you must detail the amount in the agreement where requested. This will be referred to when your deposit is registered with the Deposit Protection Service.
  • The tenancy agreement also requires you to input the date of your first rent payment and subsequent payments; and also the amounts of each instalment. These details are in a table on the application form, so if you refer back to this, it will help you input this information. Your options will usually be 1 instalment, 3 instalments or 10 instalments. You will always have to make the first rent payment before you can collect your keys.

You will always be required to complete the fixed term of the agreement, which is the length of your contract and how long you wish to stay in the property. It is very important that you are aware that you will be liable for the rent for the whole fixed term even if you choose to move out before this period ends. The options for the contract length are also in a table within the application form so you can refer to this to help complete your tenancy agreement.