Our Charges

Call out charge between 8am and 5pm Monday to FridayThese charges are incurred when maintenance is called out for any action or negligence caused by a tenant. This includes being locked out of a bedroom or apartment.Initial maintenance call out: £39ph
Every hour after: £39ph
Call out charge after 5pm and before 8am for weekdays and all hours at weekendsThese charges are incurred when maintenance is called out for any action or negligence caused by a tenant. This includes being locked out of bedroom or apartment.Initial maintenance all out: £100ph
Every hour after: £39ph
Fire safetyFire safety is vital; the building is equipped with the necessary equipment as is required in each individual building.Initial fire safety call out: £195
Willful damage to any of the fire safety equipment is a criminal offence that will be reported to the authorities and will result in a charge of up to £300
Key costsReplacement property/room keys, post box keys and fobs are all chargeable.
A replacement lock may be required if keys are lost more than once by the same tenant for the same property.
Property/room keys: £35
Post box keys: £20
Fobs: £30-£60
Replacement apartment/bedroom locks: £80
Furniture & fixture/fittings chargesWhen an item is damaged through a tenant’s action or neglect the cost of the whole item is incurred. Where items can be repaired they will be if it does not affect the overall quality/usability of the item.Two Seater Sofa: £270
Three Seater Sofa: £350
Armchair: £220
Dining Table: £100
Dining Chair: £50
Coffee Table: £50
TV Table: £50
Lamp Table: £50
Oven: £300
Fridge/Freezer: £400
Dishwasher (if applicable): £400
Washer/Dryer: £400
Hob: £250
Kitchen Counter: up to £400 (dependent on level of damage)
Wardrobe: £200
Chest of Drawers: £160
Bedside: £100
Bed: £250
Mattress: £150
Bathroom Mirror: £100
DamageExamples of chargeable damage.Hole in wall: £90
Burn(s) in carpet: £250 approximately (may vary by room)
Re-paint of all walls per room: £200 approximately (may vary by room)
1 x blind: £150
Credit ControlThese will be invoiced to the tenant directly during their tenancy if applicable. If they remain unpaid, they will be deducted from the tenant’s deposit.Email to chase rent if unpaid after 7 days: £25
Further chase after 14 days if rent remains unpaid: £50
Solicitor Fees (these will be applied on an individual basis dependent on the debt and action required.)
Bank transfer fee to refund overpaid balance of rent or deposit: £50
Clean: at end or duringWhen a deep clean is required at the end of or during the tenancy, the charge for this will be invoiced during the tenancy or deducted from a deposit at the end of the tenancy.Clean: £30ph
Holding DepositThese charges occur at the start of an application process or throughout the tenancy should a tenant’s circumstances change.Holding Deposit: This will be requested to reserve a property and the cost will be no more than the weekly rent of the asking rent of a property. For example, if the monthly rent is £600, the holding deposit will be £130. This will be transferred against your rent once your application is complete. If for whatever reason the tenant decides not to progress with their application, this will not be refunded. Tenancy Change: Where the tenant requests a change in tenancy, for example to add or remove another tenant: £50
Additional ChargesThese charges can incur throughout the tenancy depending on individual circumstances.Cancellation fee/administration fee: £350

*all charges are subject to VAT at the current rate.