Accessing your student accommodation

Most of our student accommodations have a fob entry system for access into your building. Whilst access fobs are only provided to authorised personnel, we always advise that you should always be vigilant when entering your building to ensure that no-one follows you in. This is both for your safety and for the safety of the other tenants in the building.

You will have a key for your apartment and may also have a separate key for your bedroom door if you have a shared kitchen area. In some cases the same key will open your apartment and bedroom – this doesn’t mean that anyone else’s key will open your room as your key is still unique to your lock. You should always ensure you keep your keys with you and lock your room when you go out.

Intercom system

People visiting you will be able to ring your apartment from the main entrance of the building and you can then give them access if you choose via the intercom phone in your apartment or room. Do not give access to anyone that you don’t know.

24/7 Contact

We have a 24/7 telephone number that can be accessed if there is an emergency. However, it is very important that if you ever feel in danger then call 999 in the first instance and report any incident to the police.

Additional ways to keep yourself safe

Always keep your bedroom and apartment doors locked – do not leave these on the latch where possible. This applies both when you are in the property and out.

  • Be vigilant with any belongings, particularly those of value such as your laptop and phone. If they might be visible through your bedroom or kitchen window, then try to keep them out of sight.
  • Do not let strangers into the building, no matter what story they tell you.
  • If you lose your key or fob, then please contact our office immediately during office hours.
  • If you have friends visiting you, please escort them in and out of the building.
  • Do not give people your key or fob.
  • Keep your keys and fob close to your person at all times.
  • Let a friend or flatmate know if you are going out and what time to expect you back.
  • Ensure nobody follows you into the building.
  • Always make sure internal and external doors are locked.