Whether a student studio flat would be right for you depends a little on what type of person you are, but unless you’re dead set on who you want to live with, they should definitely be on your radar. There’s a reason why more and more students are looking for studio flats!

Advantages of student studio flats

For many people, a studio flat in a student accommodation block is the ideal arrangement.

When you really need to focus and get some work done, with a studio flat you can bunker down in your room and keep yourself away from the distractions of day-time TV and smug housemates with fewer deadlines (or exams) than you.

When you do want to socialise though, access to common rooms and the very fact that you’re in an accommodation block with other students will be more than enough to stop you from being too much of a recluse.

Studio flats also give you the obvious advantage of not having to share a cooking and living area with other students. That means no more arguments over the washing up, who used whose milk in their tea, or whose turn it is to take the rubbish out.

Studio flats gives more independence than other types of student accommodation. For this reason they’re particularly popular with PhD students who perhaps aren’t looking to relive all aspects of their undergrad student experience.

Student studio flats in Sheffield

There are student studio flats available in many of our Sheffield accommodation blocks. Watson Chambers, Peal Works, and Redvers Tower all feature modern one bedroom and studio flats fitted out to the highest specification.

Each studio apartment comes with a fitted compact kitchen with plenty of storage space, a contemporary style bathroom, a workstation with enough shelves for all your textbooks, and a living and sleeping area that includes a wall mounted TV.

Student studio flats in Bournemouth

Our extremely popular Bracken House student accommodation in Bournemouth consists of 120 studio beds. Many of these arranged in groups of five, which is a great (and not particularly common) way to get the best of both worlds. Other rooms are fully independent studio flats, and all come with full access to a ground floor common room.