5 Reasons to Choose a Student Studio Flat in Sheffield

Student studio flat in Sheffield, Watson Chambers
Student studio flat in Sheffield, Watson Chambers

Given that Sheffield has a good variety of high quality shared student accommodation, a student studio flat isn’t necessarily the default choice for someone studying at the University of Sheffield or Sheffield Hallam. So why, then, should you consider living in a studio flat?

Make your home your own. All of it.

Fill the bathroom with your things, the kitchen space with your food and your crockery, and the bedroom and living area with your clutter… and only your clutter. Shared living can be a great experience, but let’s be honest, there’s a lot to be said about having a space that’s all about you. With a student studio flat there’s no need to compromise; you can make everything your own.

Study when you want to study.

Don’t run away to the library when you need to focus, just create the perfect study space in your studio flat. With no housemates to tempt you into procrastination, when you need to focus you really can. A residential studio flat might not have a particularly great desk area, but in our student studio flats you’ll find everything you need.

Keep your milk, and your friends.

Did you steal my milk? Who used my plate? And WHERE DID MY SHAMPOO GO! Living with your friends is great, but sometimes it’s better to just go at it alone. Plus, in a studio flat you won’t have to argue over what variety of daytime TV you have on. Real housewives of Beverly Hill? Orange County? Or perhaps just an old re-run of Top Gear. No one’s going to argue with (or judge) you.

Wake up late and still turn up to lectures on time.

No more waiting for the bathroom in the morning, roll out of bed and into the shower five minutes before you have to leave. Even better, if you live really close to uni, get up five minutes before the lecture is due to start and you’ll still avoid having to sulk in late. Of course you could always skip the shower to shave off even more time, but then again, if you do that too often you might end up sat by yourself.


Just because you’re living by yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t socialise. If anything, it makes it easier. Bring your mates round to your student space or head down to the one of the common rooms and play a game of pool.

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