Campus Transformation near our Sheffield University Student Accommodation

Sheffield University's Pedestrianised Area Near Our Student Accommodation
Work has begun on a massive £8 million project to turn the Leavygreave Road area into a modern pedestrianised space ready for the 2016/2017 academic year. Residents of our Sheffield University Student Accommodation at Portobello Point and our Sheffield student flats on West Street next year will benefit considerably from this huge investment into the local area. The new space will include flower beds and trees, reinforcing Sheffield’s reputation as the greenest city in the UK. The Leavygreave Road area will also feature public art and new cycle routes through the campus. Residents of our nearby Sheffield student housing will be able to enjoy a peaceful (albeit brief) walk to Sheffield University away from any traffic. The project, funded by the University of Sheffield and the Sheffield City Region Investment Fund, is part of an ongoing effort to transform the campus environment for the better. Sheffield University “want to encourage the people of Sheffield to enjoy and use [their] campus whether it’s to have lunch in one of [their] cafes, cycle through the campus area up to Weston Park, or just enjoy sitting and relaxing in one of the new greener, safer places that will be created through this development”. Here at Omnia Space we are now taking bookings for September 2016 for all our properties, including Portobello Point and 165 West Street. Arrange an appointment to view our accommodation or register online now.