Advice for Tenants

This is a handy step-by-step guide for tenants letting a property with Omnia. It gives you details of what we will need from you as well as explaining the process of moving in, moving out and how to contact our maintenance team if you ever need them.

Our team are here to help you at every stage, so please feel free to get in touch at any time if you require any further information.

1. Application (Checks/Fees)

Request an application pack or book an appointment at our city centre office. The application consists of:

  • £225 admin fee for 1 tenant or only £250 for 2!
  • Full referencing including Credit check/Employment check/Landlord reference. This is carried out by Home-let who specialize in providing referencing services. This is usually complete within 48-72 hours.
  • 1 month rent deposit, protected by Deposit Protection Service. This will be taken once all referencing has been successfully completed.
  • Once you have paid your deposit you will need to complete and return your tenancy agreement.

2. Moving In

Depending on your checks and whether the property is ready for occupation, we can sometimes let tenants move in within a few days. The following will be carried out when you collect your keys for the property:

  • We will provide an inventory of your property
  • We will either provide you with meter readings or advise you of where to read these
  • You will need to pay your first month’s rent in advance
  • We will provide a standing order form to set up your rent payments going forward
  • We will provide you with property information sheets and answer any queries you may have
  • We will hand over your keys and you can move in!

3. Whilst In

You can call us with any questions or problems – and we’ll assist or send our maintenance team. Contact our 24 hour maintenance team if you have an emergency outside of offices hours.

4. Moving Out

Just provide us with one month’s written notice when you wish to vacate your property. The process is:

  • An end of tenancy inspection will be carried out when you vacate
  • Closing meter readings will be provided where we supply these
  • Return your keys and sign end of tenancy form. This is usually at the end of tenancy inspection if you choose to be present for this
  • You will then need to cancel your rent payments with your bank

5. Claiming Your Deposit

We register your deposit with DPS at the start of your tenancy, they then send a letter to your new address with your unique reference on. Once you vacate the property simply log onto the website using your unique reference and request your deposit back, provided everything was satisfactory with your property this will be agreed by us and your deposit will be returned to you.