Things to Do and See in Sheffield


If you’re a student who’s going to be attending university in Sheffield this autumn, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are many exciting things to do and discover in the city. When you’re not busy attending lectures, studying, or socialising with new friends, there are many great attractions to visit and things to do in England’s fourth-largest city. 

Here’s a roundup of some of the very best things the city has to offer.

Visit The Winter Garden 

The Winter Garden is one of the largest temperate glasshouses in the UK and contains more than 2,500 plants from all around the globe. The building is 70 metres long and 22 metres high and is a beautiful place to surround yourself with nature, no matter what the weather is outside. 

Admire Sheffield Cathedral 

Sheffield Cathedral is one of the oldest buildings in the city, and there are stones thought to be from the 11thcentury within the east wall. Admire the Tudor monuments, the magnificent architecture, the beautiful windows and the 1554 gallery. 

Check out the Millennium Gallery 

At the Millennium Gallery, you’ll be surrounded by art, craft and stunning design. You can learn more about the heritage of Sheffield, including the metalwork which made the city famous across the world. You can also view several contemporary art and design works and see some of the touring exhibitions as they pass through the city. 

Stroll Through the Botanical Gardens 

Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens cover a massive 19 acres and is one of the best places to spend time when the weather is good. The gardens were first established in 1836 and are home to more than 5,000 species of plants. There are also many music, art, and theatrical events staged within the grounds throughout the year for visitors to enjoy. 

Visit Kelham Island Museum 

Kelham Island Museum is a superb place to learn about Sheffield’s industrial roots, particularly the steel and silverware industries. There’s a workshop where you can see craftspeople at work, a steam engine from 1905, a collection of tools, historic vehicles and much more, all relating to past industrial heritage. 

Take in Weston Park Museum 

Weston Park Museum is the largest museum in the city and dates back to 1875. Today it’s home to Sheffield’s natural history, social history, archaeology and decorative art collections. Outside of the museum itself is the beautiful Weston Park, a wonderful place for a walk or to enjoy some spring or summer sunshine. 

With so much to do in Sheffield, you will never find yourself bored when you’re not studying! These are just some of the best things to discover in the city, in addition to enjoying the nightlife and everything else that student life has to offer. If you’re looking for stylish and comfortable student accommodation that’s close to the heart of the action, take a look at what we have to offer by clicking here