Omnia Property Group Proud to Support Working Parents

Posted on March 9 2018

With Mother’s Day approaching, here at Omnia Property Group we have been considering the roles of some of the professionals within our team who are also mothers. Often falling into the role of primary carer further to a period of parental leave, working mothers frequently find it challenging to balance family life and work – that is, without the support of an understanding employer. This is something which our Managing Director, Joanne Race, feels strongly about. As a working mother herself, Joanne is keen to create a culture which enables staff to flourish both at home and at work. She says, “For both male and female working parents, I feel that having a healthy work/life balance is essential to productivity and happiness both in a professional and personal capacity. As a working parent myself, I’m keen to support my staff with their work/life balance wherever possible.”

Our Sales & Marketing Assistant and mother of three, Clare O’Neil, is delighted with the way her career is progressing, “Previously in another company, working full-time was the only option, and I felt it affected my family to some degree. Being able to work part-time and flexibly has greatly improved my work-life balance. At work I am encouraged to develop professionally every day which I find both challenging and rewarding.”

One of our most recent new mothers is our Head of Marketing, Caroline Haywood. “I love being a mother, but I have worked very hard to be a professional also,’ she explains, “I don’t stop being a professional just because I’m a mother and vice versa. When I fell pregnant with my second child I knew I would want to carry on with work, which can feel daunting with a young family – it’s so refreshing and encouraging to work for a company that supports my circumstances. It re-enforces my loyalty to them and makes me feel respected as a professional–I feel trusted and valued.”

As the Omnia Property Group continues to thrive, Joanne and her team are keen to support staff, and is looking forward encouraging people as their families grow.

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