Lettings for academic year 2022/23

We simply don’t know how the pandemic plays out.

Rather obvious point, but worthwhile remembering. For all the best guesses, we are all still subject to the same, indecipherable whims of a global pandemic that will enter its third year in March. When choosing your student accommodation for next year – replace guesswork with homework.

While we don’t truly know what comes next and how that will impact what the best student accommodation option for you is next year – what we do know is that when it comes to student digs, those that do their research are more likely to find the right option with the most flexibility at the right price.

While next year does seem a lifetime away (time has moved slowly in these times), now is the time to get moving. We’ve put together a quick list of tips as a starting point for those looking at getting ahead of the pack.

  1. Start researching now
  2. Make sure you consider what facilities are on offer and balance these with what you feel your requirements will be – whether the pandemic quieten downs or continues unabated
  3. Think about how close you need to be to campus, work opportunities or other places important to you
  4. CHECK what’s included with your new place – including any policies regarding national lockdowns, refunds, your rights and commitments
  5. Imagine living under restrictions in your proposed accommodation. Bearable, or deal breaker? It’s the last thing any of us want, but it’s a reality of being a student in these times.

The pandemic has changed a lot; how we work, what we can and can’t do, how we study and how we live. For students it has had many unique impacts and the likelihood is that while we will transition away from the ‘hardest’ and most unpredictable elements of this at some point, we simply can’t predict when that point may be.

Planning for a range of different outcomes next year makes a lot of sense. If you choose accommodation that is based solely on its vicinity to an entertainment precinct – you may find you don’t have access to these all year. If you choose somewhere that has fantastic, shared facilities, these may not always be available should a situation suddenly deteriorate and restrictions are introduced.

The best bet is balance – finding a place where you could survive comfortably if there was a sudden requirement to remain there, but also has elements of convenience, good facilities and transport links to get you to both class and work. As always, setting a budget and not being enticed with offers that will exceed it is the most vital piece of advice we feel that students should adhere to.

Your student accommodation is a stop on your journey – not its destination. It needs to be serviceable, meet your needs and be affordable. When considering the right option for you next year, follow our five points as a framework.

Hope for the best. Acknowledge the worst may happen. Plan for a range of outcomes in between. Don’t sign something that doesn’t give you the flexibility you feel you need, without checking with an expert first.

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