Coming to Swansea for University? Things to Sort Out, Now!

Your journey to University in Swansea is close on the horizon! To get your journey off to the best possible start you’ll need to do some planning.

Your journey to University in Swansea is close on the horizon! A-Level exams are fast becoming a distant memory and now you need to start making preparations for the next 3 years (or more) of studying hard, partying hard, making new friends and creating memories you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. 

Before you pack your bags and head to one of Wales’s most beloved coastal cities, you’ll need to do some planning to make sure that your student journey gets off to the best possible start.

Get your student finance sorted

Even if you lead a very humble lifestyle, we’re guessing that you’re going to need to spend some money to get by. The last thing you want is to be sitting in the common room eating beans on toast while your mates are out painting the town red during Freshers’ week.

Getting your student finance sorted isn’t thrilling, but it’s one extremely necessary task that you’ll need to get over and done with.

Apply for grant assistance

It’s no secret that today’s students have been given one of the rawest deals in history in terms of admission fees. But don’t forget that there’s also grant assistance available that may supplement your student loan.

Find out what grants are available online and apply, you’ll never know unless you try!

Find the right accommodation

Finding the right accommodation can make all the difference to the quality of your Uni experience. It’s important to find the right accommodation to get the most out of your study and leisure time.

With an amazing location suitable for University of Wales Trinity St. David, Swansea University’s Bay Campus or Singleton Campuses, The Oldway Centre is worth a really good look! A brand-new stylish development offering all-inclusive rentals plans, it is one of the best housing options available.  Located incredibly close to the infamous Wind Street it also a good location for your social life!

The Oldway Centre can help you make the perfect start to your Uni days. With everything you need to study, relax, stay social and be happy, this furnished, enviable student accommodation brings you the ultimate in student living!

Sort out materials/books/supplies for your courses

Your university and course may list online what you will need to have for the course. This could include specialist calculators, art supplies, text books, computer programs or anything specific to your degree.  By finding out ahead of time what you need, you will reduce the stress and pressure of those first few days of attending lectures and getting settled in.

Line up some potential places for part time work

Even if you have a student loan and grant assistance, it’s likely that you’ll want to do some part time work to allow yourself some extra disposable income. But don’t make the mistake of waiting until the first term’s over. Get ahead of the crowd and start scouting for prospective employers early on.

Know what to do in your downtime

Swansea has so much to see and do that boredom is one thing you certainly won’t need to worry about. Research what there is to see and do in Swansea and make yourself a “to-do” list for how to spend your downtime. You might want to take your surfboard to the beautiful Gower beaches, relax in one of Swansea’s many chic independent cafes, take a gentle stroll along the coastal path to Mumbles, or simply tour the city’s many pubs with your friends in tow.

Best start getting prepared now. Your future awaits!