The Best Sheffield Clubs & Student Nights Out

Once you have chosen your Sheffield student accommodation, you will start to experience Sheffield nightlife for yourself.

For some people, one of the key deciding factors in their university choice is the quality of the student nights out. Once you have chosen your Sheffield student accommodation, you will start to experience Sheffield nightlife for yourself. The city is known for its full range of student nights, clubs and music venues available. Whether you’re there for the cheesy pop hits, indie bands or techno, Sheffield has the venue for you.

Carver Street

Carver Street has something for everyone with the range of clubs on this stretch of road. Paris, Walkabout, Pop World, Viper Rooms and Crystal all come together to create a collection of clubs with a range of music tastes. In Paris you’ll find R&B and Hip-Hop with reasonable prices and enthusiastic dancers, just watch out for the stairs when you’ve had a few too many as they are steep! Viper Rooms and Crystal showcase the latest in chart music while serving creative cocktails. Pop World is for those who are seeking old school S Club 7, relive your youth whilst downing WKD Blues and boogying to Reach For The Stars.


Leadmill is one of the oldest clubs in Sheffield with a vivid history of showcasing some of the best up-and-coming bands. Indie music, pick n mix and a photo booth can be found at Leadmill to make your nights at this Sheffield club one to remember. Be sure to pick up a regulars card for £3 which will give you a range of drinks offers including £1 vodka and mixers!

Leadmill is also right next to numerous Sheffield student properties, making the trip home a lot easier.


Plug is a favourite student haunt with their themed nights, live music events and cheap drink deals. Propaganda on a Friday provides drinks from £1 with each room featuring a different music genre from the latest in Indie and Alternative to classic R&B. Themed nights at Plug range from fun to weird, with the latest Propaganda night boasting “David Attenborough Appreciation” with a giveaway of 100 free David Attenborough t-shirts.

Code Warehouse

One of the newer clubs in Sheffield, Code Warehouse offer a range of student nights and music events with the hottest DJs on the techno and house scene. Student Saturdays, Jump Around and Chaos Tuesdays all boast cheap drinks and great music whilst Musik Events brings the likes of Patrick Topping and Richy Ahmed with the latest sound system, lights and a true warehouse feel.


Whilst Tank isn’t for everyone with their extortionate entry fees; the killer line up for 2018 and intense sound system inside make the club one of the most popular clubs in Sheffield. Tank fills the dubstep gap left in the Sheffield club scene with Fridays hosting regular guests such as Jamie Duggan, whilst their SuNKen night on a Monday offers cheaper drinks with house and tech-house tunes, plus some dance classics.

West Street

West Street can be the start or the end of your night in Sheffield. Whether you’re day or night drinking, West Street is the hub of all activity in Sheffield with a collection of bars, clubs and restaurants. West Street Live is arguably the most popular student bar on West Street with ridiculously cheap drink deals, live music and interesting shot offers. Bierkeller is another much loved night with cocktails served in huge steins, cheesy pop songs and dancing on benches.

Before any night out, your fun will probably begin in your Sheffield student house where you may partake in drinking games to ensure your night out is as cheap as possible, as if the student night deals aren’t enough! Have fun!