Attending University This Autumn? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

After an incredibly tough 14 months, life is slowly returning to normality. Now that COVID restrictions are easing, many students are getting excited about starting university this autumn and are beginning to think of everything they need to do to prepare. 

Here are some things to consider when it comes to university this autumn.

Enjoy it! 

With so much worry over the past year about online learning, exam results and completing assignments with little to no face to face contact with teachers, it’s important that students focus on enjoying university and university life. 

Appreciate being able to see old friends again, make new friends, have face-to-face lessons and lectures, and enjoy being able to socialise and get out and about. Being a student is supposed to be one of the best experiences of your life, so try not to be so anxious about everything going on that you can’t make the most of the experience. 

Organise Accommodation Early 

Getting your accommodation organised now is the most sensible option for several reasons.

The sooner you organise your accommodation, the more choice of places you’ll have. You want to find a location with the best facilities, the best location, and a great price to match!  You’re not alone, so get in there first and secure your spot. Once that is done and dusted, you can relax knowing you’ve already secured a great place to stay and have one less thing to worry about before the start of the new academic year. 

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Create a Budget 

Most students are on a limited budget, so it’s vital to plan your budget wisely. Look at how much you’ll have coming in from grants, loans or part-time work and figure out what you have available to spend. Make sure you factor in accommodation, books, food, going out, and travel costs. Split your budget into a weekly or monthly spending allowance and stick to this.  When your grant or loan comes in all at once, it can be very tempting to blow it all.


Most of all, now is the time to relax.  Exams are finished, and summer is here.  The best years of your life will be starting in a few months, so get ready to enjoy them!