5 Ways to Make Your Student Accommodation Home

Make your student accommodation home
Make your student accommodation home

By now it’s probably been a couple of months since you leapt into the unknown and left the comforts of home life for university, and your parents’ house for student accommodation. In that time, you’ve probably settled into a routine of sorts and have hopefully made friends with some of your housemates.

It’s easy to get swept away with the excitement of university, but when you find the time for a quiet evening in, does your student property properly feel like home yet? If not, here are a few cheap and easy tips to help make your accommodation that little bit cosier.

Keep your flat (or house) tidy

Nothing is less welcoming than an untidy home, littered with empty cans and beer bottles. Our top tip for keeping your student accommodation feeling like home is to keep it clean and tidy.

You might have to subtly nag your housemates to do their washing up from time to time (unless you’re staying in a student studio flat), but your room is your domain, so it’s up to you to keep it nice. The more organised you are, the easier this will be. Invest in some plastic storage boxes, and perhaps a desk tidy for those loose pieces of paper.

Of course if you haven’t finished unpacking yet, that would be a good place to start!

Add some plant life to your accommodation

Nothing changes the vibe of a room like some house plants.

Cacti are the easiest to look after, but you’ll get more out of a spider plant or a mother-in-law’s tongue. If you’re feeling ever so slightly more ambitious, peace lilies are a firm favourite.

Thankfully these types of plant are cheap enough that you’re not investing too heavily in your ability to keep one alive. And if you do look after them properly, not only will they make your accommodation look better, but they’ll also work 24/7 to make the air fresher. Thanks photosynthesis!

Print out some of your favourite pictures

If you’re feeling homesick, find and display your favourite pictures of your family, friends, and pets. You can get some nice frames without breaking the bank, and there are hundreds of unique treasures waiting to be found in charity shops.

You can make your student accommodation feel even more like home by bringing some ornaments and such with you to university. Charity shops are also a gold-mine for little trinkets that can add a little extra character to your room.

Make your student accommodation smell like home

Everyone always overlooks the importance of the smell of a home, but it has a huge impact on your mood. You’ll want avoid candles because of the fire risk, but some reed diffusers and room sprays can make your student accommodation smell fresh.

Choose different scents to your bathroom as your bedroom to achieve different moods. Lavender is well known for making spaces feel relaxing, and we’re also a big fan of vanilla and fresh cotton scents.

Personalise your space with soft furnishings

Our high quality student accommodation in Sheffield and Bournemouth university accommodation is fully furnished with modern fixtures and fittings, so everything you need is there from day one. But that’s not to say you can’t add some soft furnishings.

The room decor might not be your own, but this way you can still flex your interior design muscles. Treat yourself to some nice bed sheets to transform your room, and why not get a matching rug and some cushions.